I am my happiest and my soul sings
when I become one with my camera and we see the world together. 

I've been a professional photographer since 2004 when I opened the doors to my studio - Architectural Design Photography (adpimages).  Until 2009, I specialized in architectural photography, but it wasn't enough - I needed to embrace my creative side. I started traveling to amazing places around the world shooting the beautiful, abstract and everything in between. Each place I travel has its own feel, its own energy, its own flow.  At first I like to stand still and watch, but soon my camera starts begging me to capture all that I feel and see!

When I return to my studio and look at each picture - they all tell stories and represent memories I hope to never forget.  Being a graphic artist, I love transforming my images into unique pieces that represent what I felt when taking the picture. 

The birth of the Altered States Collection

In 2015 taking pictures just didn't seem like enough.  I wanted a style that was all my own. As hard as it was, I put my camera down (except when I was traveling!) and started working on creating something different... unique... truly mine and mine alone.  Finally, in 2017 during the stressful time of moving to Utah, I needed a break from packing and decided to let the graphic designer in me out to play.  I started twisting and turning my images until a whole new picture emerged... it's Altered State. In doing so, I finally found MY Altered State!  Each piece is so unique that even I can't recreate it.  

In many pictures, if you look close, you will find hints of the original image or special little "jewels" I left in for fun.  

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do.  Many look at the images and give it their interpretation - there's no right answer... it is whatever you see!!

Thank you for visiting my site!  

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